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March 28, 2012
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The Stars of dAr: =NAkos

Wed Mar 28, 2012, 5:40 PM
The Stars of dAr is a new series where I interview one member of the deviantART Related (dAr) community each time, about personal and dA related matters. For today we have NAkos! He's an enthusiastic community member well versed in many different kinds of dA related art - from journal skins to IDs, and from scripts to suggestions, many of which have been implemented. But allow him to introduce himself! :eager:

Hi NAkos, thanks for agreeing to be interviewed :handshake:

- Please tell us something about yourself!
Hi readers, I am Ákos from Hungary. Basically I am a hobby artist. That means I like to try anything that gets my attention but mostly I am a photographer. On the professional side I am a web developer.

Solitaire by NAkos blue eyes id by NAkos 20090724_3 by NAkos

- Some people may be reading this article and going ":omg: hey, I recognise them! But what from?:confused:". Can you refresh their mind - how have they most likely seen you before? :D
I got two DDs, those helped a lot to get more recognition but most people know me because of my Llama Giving Game. I got most comments, favs and views on this little gadget.
Llama Giving Game by NAkos

- How did you get into dA related?
Besides my first id picture I started with a suggestion to have an official iGoogle widget for dA. Then I made one (that I never update). After these, whenever I get a suggestion or idea I always instantly made it happen. I started to care about the site I spend most of my online time.

Llama Giving Game for Android by NAkos deviantART Memory Game by NAkos Custom Box Background Code Generator v1.9.x by NAkos Llama Background for Custom boxes by NAkos

- What is your favourite part of dA? And how do you think it could be improved?
I like that it is constantly changing and evolving. Since I care about suggestions I see that good ideas come in life in time. What to improve? I would be happy with better API on There is so much public information on the site, why not give most out as API? :)

- Do you have any specific goals on dA?
There are not any big ones but I have some. Here is a list:
  • Golden Llama without spending points on it
  • Staying subscribed (as my money allows me)
  • More accepted DD suggestion (of any kind)
  • Getting DD for my photography

20120314 by NAkos Soft moment by NAkos infinity by NAkos Chaos by NAkos

- Is there any group, chatroom, event etc. that you'd like to promote and make the readers aware of?
I really can't think any worldwide one right now that could interest everyone, especially not dA related stuff. But here in Hungary there will be two anime related events in April, and we have a small but growing group that collects Hungarian cosplay photos.
They have plenty of beautiful cosplay photography.

plz account extension for Chrome by NAkos My Groups Extension for Chrome by NAkos Emoticon list Chrome Extension by NAkos

- What is your favourite part of the dA related category, that you haven't tried creating yourself yet? And what are your favourite deviations in this category?
Stamps. I have never created a stamp, but it is always in my mind to make one. I don't know what keeps me from creating some, maybe I'm just waiting for the idea. Besides that I am not that good with digital art (and stamps are that). I can't show any favorite one right now, but I always come across nice ones.

- What is your favourite deviation from your own gallery, and how about your favourites?
My favorite in my own gallery? It is always changing. Right now this one because this was the first time I made such photography:
Plague Rat by NAkos

From my :+fav:s... well this is the same. I have no ultimate fav, but i pick a really nice one for this:
Adventure Photography by DrewHopper (this could be a DD but I don't suggest it because of the 6 month time frame)

- What can you say to help or inspire people who may feel motivated reading this?
My life philosophy (especially in the world of art) is do whatever you want, whenever it is possible. I work like this, no matter if it is a new suggestion, an application, photography or literature. I have the idea, start to plan it instantly and I do it because I want to do it.
dA Suggestion: DD Badge by NAkos Outgoing links in new tabMake outgoing links open in new tab/window.
I don't like to leave articles and comments at the middle because there is a link in the middle of it. (I know middle click opens in new tab and right click context menu can do that too but that isn't user friendly on dA side)
User clicks on [link]
Outgoing Link warning page opens _self.
When user clicks on the real outgoing link it opens in new tab/window and the original page goes back where it come.
User clicks on [link]
GUI blocker pops up (like at llama giving, group list on profile page etc.)
After user clicks on outgoing link it opens in new window and GUI blocker turns off.
User clicks on [link]
Outgoing Link warning page opens in new tab/window (and here process is ended as dA page is still open)
I prefer the second one as it really blends in deviantART's GUI and has a really modern feel, but I think the third one is the fastest to solve and maybe it is the most user friendly too.
Share Counter by NAkos

:happybounce: Thanks again NAkos! And thanks everyone for reading :wave:

If you're interested in reading or seeing more, I recommend seeing his full gallery or his dA Related folder specifically, his journal where he regularly posts about his life and new artistic endeavours, or his diverse favourites! :)

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