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Do you have a question, or need help with deviantART? In the #help chatroom on the deviantART Message Network, Community Volunteers and other appointed voluntary helpers can answer your questions.

 We help with:

  • General questions about deviantART, such as how a certain feature works.
  • Bug troubleshooting. Is something on the site broken? We can help you figure out where the problem is.
  • Chat & Forum policy. Are chatrooms being spammed, or used for sexual roleplay? Have you found a forum thread that needs to be moved or closed? We can help.

We cannot help with:

  • Policy violations outside the chats and forums - porn submissions, harassing comments and the like.
  • Questions about money, like premium membership purchases or shop orders.
  • Questions that are not about deviantART. This includes unofficial extensions like superdAmn.
  • (why?)

Not sure if these apply? Simply join and try :dummy: If a volunteer can't answer your question, they will help you contact the right people.

A few simple rules apply:

  • Of course the general policies of deviantART and the chats apply (no illegal activities, no spam, et cetera.)
  • No idling or general chat. Only stay in the room when you’re being helped.
  • Do not talk to other Guests, only to the volunteer who is helping you.
  • (why?)

Join the #help chatroom >>

In the room, to the right hand side you can see if there’s any helpers present by looking at the member classes above your username, as shown in these examples:
Untitled Drawing by namenotrequired
There is one volunteer to help you.
Untitled Drawing by namenotrequired
No helper present (what now?)

A pink bullet is the permanent link to the question.

Am I being helped by a human being or by a robot?

Always by human beings :)
There may be an official bot in the room, but it won't talk to you. It will always be in a privclass under yours (as shown above, MNBot in "Clerk" under "Guests"). It's simply there for administrative purposes. The help you receive is always from people.

Can I get help in another language?

Yes! We will try to assign you to a helper who speaks your language, if there are none we will need to use an online translator.

Can I trust you with a sensitive question?

Yes. If necessary, we can help you in a separate room that is only accessible to you and deviantART staff. All information is confidential between deviantART and you.

Why is the room not always listed on the chat page?

The chat page lists only rooms with at least 2 people in it. Even if it’s not shown here, it’s possible that there is a helper present. You can find a direct link to the room in this article, or join another room and then type /join help in that room.

Why can you not answer all questions?

As mentioned, some questions need to be asked elsewhere, to ensure you're getting qualified help from the right people. It can also happen that a volunteer simply doesn’t know the answer - in this case they will direct you to the right place.
Community Volunteers and other helpers always help you on a voluntarily basis. We are experienced and trusted community members, but not specalised full time employees.

What can I do if I cannot join the room, or if no helpers are present?

If the chatroom is not working, see FAQ #293: Why am I having technical issues using the Chat Network?
If no helpers are in the room, do not worry - this is normal as all helpers are volunteers and have their own lives. If you want you can come back occasionally to see if someone has joined yet.

However, all of the questions that volunteers are able to help with can also be answered by the Help Desk, which can be contacted at any time. If the chatroom is still not working, or there's no one to help you, we recommend you contact them. For more about this see the Contacting the deviantART Help Desk Tutorial.

Why do you have rules that other rooms don't have?

Why can I not idle, or chat about general topics? Why can I not talk to other Guests?

The purpose of the #help chatroom is different to that of many other rooms: to provide you with reliable help with deviantART from our volunteers. To do this it needs some more order than rooms that are just for fun. Simply stated, allowing chatter or presence unrelated to the purpose would cause confusion, distract from the purpose and disrupt the room.

Also keep in mind that:
  • Even if questions don't require confidentiality, many guests like to be helped in some privacy.
  • Only chosen members are allowed to provide help, so we can ensure you are always getting reliable help.

If you’d like to have a general chat there's always #devart and a lot of other chatrooms :happybounce:

:eager: Sounds good! Can I become a helper?

Perhaps! :eyes: 
Currently, only Community Volunteers can become a helper in #help. If you are 18 or over and think you have the knowledge and experience, you can apply to become a Community Volunteer :)
For details see FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

:heart: I'd like to thank ^BeccaliciousOughter, neurotype, kingmancheng and everyone else that helped me proof read, for their contributions by suggesting important improvements to earlier versions of this article!

An introduction to the #help chatroom for live help with deviantART, with your questions answered.

comments disabled. If you have a question, please ask either in the room, in a note to a volunteer helper (such as me), or at the Help Desk. If you'd like to comment on the article or suggest changes please send me a note :)
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