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February 4, 2013
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This week marks the first ever Project Educate week on the topic of "Getting the most out of dA"! For this week I collected a small group of experts on the deviantART community and positive contribution. Together we will present you with articles and happenings, to inspire you and give you an overview of how you can contribute to the deviantART community.

From Monday to Saturday, each day will focus on a different topic. Topics will be introduced in an informative article. Then we'll go into it more in depth with you through interviews with gurus on the subject or through events where you get to experience the fun of contributing.
Then on Sunday we'll recap the entire week not only in a summary of articles but also in a chat event! :party:

Please make sure you're watching projecteducate to see all our articles and events :eager:

Topics to be covered


Monday 4th

Running Groups

Tuesday 5th

Art Features & Daily Deviations

Wednesday 6th

Organising Projects & Contests

Thursday 7th

Stock, Resources & deviantART Related

Friday 8th

Chatrooms & Forums

Saturday 9th

Big Chat Event in #CommunityRelations

Sunday 10th
By all of us!

Yes - a big chat event!

:bulletblue: 9pm GMT (check your time) on Sunday 10th in #CommunityRelations :bulletblue:
On Sunday, we conclude the week with a fun chat event. There'll be games focussed on all topics discussed during the week. And of course a lot of general fun and chatter and silliness :D Don't worry if you can't be online at 9pm GMT exactly - it'll last for a few hours :)

Thank you and don't forget to watch projecteducate! Added to my devWatch!

The "Getting the most out of dA" PE Team;

This week we will present you with articles and happenings, to inspire you and give you an overview of how you can contribute to the deviantART community.
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Say is there a better way of zooming into art without enlarging ones browser ctrl + mouse wheel?
namenotrequired Feb 19, 2013  Student Interface Designer
There can be up to three level zoom; so you can often click once for a full (up to screen-filling) view and then another time for the complete art if it's larger than your screen :) if they simply didn't supply a larger size, no.
lol, okay clicking on it but still open to other ways especially for cellphones...
rainieskies Feb 6, 2013  Student Writer
namenotrequired Feb 7, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Thanks :D
rainieskies Feb 8, 2013  Student Writer
Your welcome!!!
Yes, Yes, bring in grunts. Sign me up :)
namenotrequired Feb 6, 2013  Student Interface Designer
:la: Watch #projecteducate and you're halfway! :eyes:
Ha ha, makes I bit more difficult to my request but ok
All cool what was done is done. Thanks
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