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Events Calendar Suggestion REVAMPED by Nichrysalis

Overall I think this is a great suggestion that would help groups a lot. Easier ways to organise and announce events and generally, bet...

Report User Button by World-Hero21

Great suggestion and visual, that I'd like to see become true :) This will be long - I study Informatics and I'm going to take interacti...

Want a critique on one of your dA suggestions?
Let me know :#1:


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Random from Underappreciated

Random from Underappreciated

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`namenotrequired is what we like to call a Super Deviant. From news articles and deviations, to interacting with deviants in comments and the forums, you can alway count on Bart to be a well-rounded and active community rockstar. We're inspired by Bart's devious dedication and delighted to bestow him with the Deviousness Award for July 2011. Congrats!
-awarded July 2011


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Bart, 22, Netherlands
Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
:handshake: I'm Bart, 22, from the Netherlands. I study Informatics at the University of Amsterdam and on deviantART I am a Community Volunteer Mentor and Alpha Tester.

:heart: I am on dA to help people. I love the deviantART community and you'll find me in the #help chatroom often. I also love Gwendolyn12, my girlfriend who I met on deviantART a few years ago (left in the above picture).

:#1: My history on deviantART encompasses the following;
  • ~Deviant since 26th August 2008
  • *Premium Member since 1st February 2010
    • =Beta tester since February 2010
    • =Alpha tester since 12th November 2010
  • `Senior Member since 1st January 2011
    • `Deviousness Award Winner of July 2011
  • ^Community Volunteer since 29th October 2011
    • ^Community Volunteer Mentor since 5th October 2012
  • $taff Member since 5th November 2012 (except between 5th June 2013 - October 28)

Where no end date is specified, I am still in this position.

:happybounce: Thanks for reading and I hope you'll enjoy my tutorials and my Underappreciated Art collection. And if you need more help with dA, see the widget below :)

Meet me in England

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 1:17 AM

I’ll be in Manchester (UK) from Thursday to Saturday! Are you able to meet up on any of those days, please let me know :happybounce: I’d love to meet you!


PS on a completely unrelated note, today it’s 2 years ago since I first (nervously) landed on a Brazilian airport to meet Gwendolyn12 :heart:

3 things about me

Mon Feb 3, 2014, 4:44 PM

Hi great people! :hug: I regret that I haven't told you anything about myself in a long time. I'd like to open the conversation with you so I let pachunka's recent journal by this same title, as well as this one by LaurenKitsune, inspire me to also share 3 things I learned about myself recently :)

I need to be nice to myself

As a child, I was a dreamer (just ask my primary school teachers...), but I also have a practical problem solving mindset. Perhaps that’s something I learned as a boy scout when I was a teenager. Present me with a new problem and my first intuition is to try and think of solutions. This may sound obvious - if there’s a problem, you’ll want to solve it, right? But it’s my very first reaction, whereas some other people I’m close enough to to comment on are more likely to first analyse the new situation before trying to solve it. The funny consequence is that I occasionally end up suggesting four possible solutions to a new problem before realising that, all things considered, it doesn’t really need to be a problem in the first place.

I’m also an optimist with a very positive mindset. I’m happy with all these things. Yet together, they make me an ambitious person - which is also good, except that this causes me to be harsh on myself a lot. I know that I’m very lucky to be who I am, and to be in the position I’m in. If I’m really honest with myself I can’t think of anything I’d want to change about myself. Yet I always feel like I need to learn this and that and I should try such and such and I should do X and Y and Z more often. The stress this produces is counterproductive at best and toxic to my health and happiness at worst.

I don’t know how to relax

This is scary. This is a continuation of the above - I’m always busy and always feel I have something I need to do. But honestly, if there’s one thing I really need to do, it’s relaxing. I’ll be much healthier, happier, I’ll be able to work better as well. I just don’t really know how to. This is also because obligations and hobbies all live on the same laptop and there’s little separation between the two in time or place so I’m never really relaxing.

It’s different when I am with Gwendolyn12 and spend a lot of time only having fun with her. But I’m often without her for many months at a time and I cannot go without relaxing for so long. Relaxing is definitely something I need to learn.

I have a pretty good feel for data analysis

Let’s end on a positive note, shall we? My job involves quite some data analysis, of A/B tests for example - these are experiments where we show 2 versions of the website to different people and measure what people do with them, so we can decide which is best. So I always join every “data meeting” and can’t help but notice how easy it is for me to intuitively decide what to do next. So far, my gut feeling has proven 100% accurate in immediately predicting the conclusion we will come to in the end. :giggle: I guess I should speak up more and save them all some time!:lmao:

:phew: I'm glad I put that all down in a journal! It sounds weird, but writing it all down truly feels good and made me understand myself better, too. I strongly encourage you, my dear reader, to think about it too - what have you learned about yourself recently?


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PikaBlade78 6 hours ago  Student General Artist
 Hi! It's been a while! :D I have a question to ask, if ya don't mind. :3 How do you send already submitted pictures to the stash? And what is storage and how do you put things in it? 
rainylake Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hug a Deviant by alexskyline

Tight Hug Hug Cuddling up with someone close...

Because you are wonderful!
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Eyebrow Smily 
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MayEbony Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Bart :wave:  I've been enjoying the use of your 'helpful pixel' in the custom boxes on my profile page, but lately it doesn't seem to be working any more.  Please do you know if the code has changed or something?  I'd really really love to be able to fill the boxes to their full width again :tighthug:

This is what I'm talking about...
< img src="…" height="0" width="500" />
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Rappel82 Mar 6, 2014   Artist
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rainylake Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey :la: Long time no talk, how have you been?
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Akyura44 Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
Hey again :> I have another question, if it's not much bother.
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direct me to teh help cht please i need help

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Akyura44 Feb 26, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello, namenotrequired... :blushes: Well, I have a question, and I was really hoping you could help me out with it. Please... I want your help.
(1 Reply)
Nice seeing you again!
Um.. actually, I have a question.. Do you, by any chance know how to give out premium membership to other members from your own? My friend's been searching of how to do that. And he found nothing at FAQ. Or is it just simply not an option? 

It would be really great if you would take time to answer this. Thank you in advance. 

Hope you nice days ahead! ^^
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puddlefisher Feb 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey Bart! Some months since our last dialogue. I do drop by intermittently throughout the weeks or months as they pass. I came over to your neck of the woods this evening and noticed your symbol has changed again (like the wind!) if I am not mistaken.Sherlock Holmes Otherwise I believe you to be the same ole community rock-star as you were about 6 months ago when we last spoke. I don't find that I see your posts as frequently around the community in general anymore but I'm sure you're super deviously occupied elsewhere. #1
Stay rockin'!
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Operia Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your icon is so cute :heart:
I really should do the icon face thing myself, but...NOPE.
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LORD-OF-JUSTICE Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
Hello, me and Daniel :icondkalban: this guy, are writing a massive story arc (15 parts) and critique and insight would be most welcome. All the parts can be found via this link as well as the other stories linking to the arc:…

If you have time feel free to read and/or critique, thanks for your time. Sorry if I've bothered you.
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ArtBeginsHere Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice chatting with you c:

Have a nice weekend as well ^^
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Help improving DA groups, click here to see an improvement concept :…
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