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Events Calendar Suggestion 3.0 by Nichrysalis

Overall I think this is a great suggestion that would help groups a lot. Easier ways to organise and announce events and generally, bet...

Report User Button by World-Hero21

Great suggestion and visual, that I'd like to see become true :) This will be long - I study Informatics and I'm going to take interacti...

Want a critique on one of your dA suggestions?
Let me know :#1:


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Random from Underappreciated

Since Argentina Part Two

Sat Mar 5, 2016, 12:00 AM
To be honest, I wasn't sure what to write about here. I've been in Brazil for over two months now, but I don't feel I can tell any story that is done here. So for now, I'll just tell you of a few things we did and didn't yet do. It's past 3am so I'll probably end up rambling a journal full anyway.

Here's some music with it.

Shoutout to 3wyl who introduced me to this fantastic composer and singer years ago!

  • Ellen and I found an apartment and moved in together.
It took us a while, but once we visited a few apartment, we made a decision on the first day. It came fully furnished with great soft couches, huge wardrobes, a working place for each of us, and plenty of room for all of Ellen's favourite stuff. She hoards stuff.

I now live on a subtropical island. That's a childhood dream I didn't expect to realise so soon. :giggle:

  • Ellen was accepted into university
She's been trying for a few years so we're very happy about that! She's even excited to get started.

Of course, many other parts of life are not stable yet. I know it's not that fashionable to talk on social media about problems, to be vulnerable, or to say things that are neither happy nor inspirational. But here's to occasionally giving fashion a well-deserved middle finger.

Learning Portuguese is very hard for me. I'm not very social. I also have to undo older habits of relying on Ellen to basically be my interface with Brazil. I'm not very smart or otherwise good at learning languages in the first place, which is surprising given my English but that was basically done by brute force. Blood, sweat, tears; sticks, carrots; you name it.

Then there's the money. I have a lot of savings, but Ellen's parents keep bugging her about me not having a job. I would rather spend some more time learning and preparing to put myself in a better position when I start applying in a few months. But, I may change my mind on this. I'm still working out my priorities. 

And it's understandable that they worry. If I don't pay the apartment, they have to pay it instead. I'm very happy they were willing to sign for this! But it would take quite a bizarre turn of events for that to be necessary (in which case I would call in the help of my own parents first anyway).

It's certainly not that I'm lazy. I'm one of the most conscientious people I know. But I know more or less what I want to work with and how I can improve my odds of financial stability. It just involves some learning first.

I miss my hobbies. The musical instruments, my bike and bike-friendly city (though to be fair Florianópolis is better than many other Brazilian cities). I have computer hobbies, but work is also at the computer.

I don't have friends. People here are lovely, and I wish that foreigners in my own continent were treated with half as much kindness. But it's hard to meet people when you're an introvert with a social network of one. I only talk to Ellen and people online.

I know the limits are in my own mind, and I have little to lose. I am trying to break them, move them, or get around them. But my willpower relies on order, routine, stability in my mind. And building good routines takes time.

To end on a lighter note: at least living together with Ellen goes surprisingly well. I had expected it'd be a huge change and we'd have a lot of arguments as we tried to figure out all sorts of new challenges :D But that didn't happen! I guess it's more spread out than I imagined and we'll figure out all those things over time. Once she starts going to uni (and actually getting up in the morning :D) we'll probably get some new challenges, but we'll be fine given time.

Enough rambling for the night :faint: Tell me, what part of your life needs some less chaos and more order?


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:handshake: I'm Bart, 24, from the Netherlands.

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"People experience most of their hope and joy and curiosity and engagement as a consequence of pursuing valued goals (and not, as people generally think, by attaining them)."
Finally we have internet at home! Now I can start responding to your messages. Tell me, how are you?
When you're young, they tell you this is the best time of your life. Don't believe them. If you're struggling, it'll get better.


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